Daylight Savings Time=Brighter Longer Days…


I welcome Daylight savings time because I’m so over winter. Yall just don’t know. Living in Wisconsin (Milwaukee) in the winter is brutal, torture and just plain dreadful. I usta like snow. But the last two winters ruined that. I’m sick of being an “artic chick”.  I’m ready for warmer temps, sun rays, longer days. I can’t wait to trade gloves, wool coats, scarves and boots for cropped jackets & open toe stilettos. I can’t wait to have the patio doors of my apt & sunroof of my car open. These interiors remind me of: Spring…

Love the simplicity of this. I love me some Breakfast Nooks

{Daily Crush}

They sell a swinging chair very similar to this at Pier 1. I want one for my balcony. Continue reading for cheery interiors…



{Decor Pad}

{Marcus Design}

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