A message from yours truly…

Hey yall. I figured it would be a great time to thank my readers, my subscribers and all the ppl who’ve lately linked back my blog. That is just a great feeling knowing that I’m saying something worthy of a link back. Also SHOUT OUT to Laura Bielecki for adding me to her blogroll. 😀 I believe you were the first outside of my blogger friend London at Fashion Life Ent. I appreciate that. I hope to continue giving you all indulge worthy photos and lots of inspiration…

While I’m at it, I guess I can give a lil update on what I been up to since I rarely ever talk about my personal life on here. This evening I met at the venue where my bride & groom clients will have their reception. This is the first wedding event I’m styling so it’s all very new and exciting. So far, majority of the things have been smooth sailing and my couple are the coolest laid back individuals. No bridezilla moments….yet LOL j/k. I meet again with them Saturday w/the wedding party & the helping hands who volunteered to assist me. It’s next month so I can’t wait to post what I’ve done. With that said, on wknds my postings may be a lil scarce as there will be more meetings, a ton of DIY projects including finishing the kitchen reno I’m working on. This Saturday I’m picking lighting fixtures and some more tile to add to the backsplash design. A minor problem I came across but it’s all a learning experience that will make me the mastered designer I plan to become. Just wanted to give you all a heads up. Anyhoo, it’s Friday so live it up & have a fantabulous wknd!!!

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