Nightclub Indulgences: Vanity @ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas

Vanity Nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas is a jewel toned, pearl & crystal adorned, black chromed out, metallic fused visualgasm to my eyes. It’s even dubbed an “eclectic jewel box”.  Mr. Important Design was the mastermind behind this interior. I live in Milwaukee which is a mid-sized city (metro is 1.4 million) but our clubs are not like Vegas in the least bit. So whenever I travel and club hop, I hope it’s a spot that gives me everything visually. Vanity does just that…

Absolutely amazing. Continue reading for more indulgences…

The teal tufted booths gets fist pumps from me…

Loving everything about this especially the fire pit…

This aquatic inspired bar area…I’ll drink to that!!

Check this out ladies. We know how often we may go to the mirrors to make sure we’re looking right and what better restroom to go in than this? Are you kidding me? Raspberry velvet ottomans to sit on as you wash your hands and fix your hair? I guess with a club called Vanity, it was only right that the bathrooms be on point 🙂

Images via Pure Ent Online

Vanity’s Official Site

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