Modern Ways to Use Antique/Aged Mirrors…..


{Kelly Wearstler}

Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler did a good job in the marriage between many different patterns. This entire black, white and gun-metal hued room with the aged mirror armoire is elegantly cozy to me. It’s funny because a couple of months ago, you couldn’t get me to like aged mirrors but now the more I come across them the more I like the look. Would I want it for myself? Not entirely but I still appreciate the look like the designs in this post.

This Jason Wu Collection was all sorts of fab and the runway? a framed geometric edged antique mirror. Hot!!!

{Martin Kemp, head designer at Candy & Candy} 

Continue reading for more including Kim Kardashian’s Bedroom which had a gorgeous backdrop of antique mirrors…

{Desire to Inspire}

The more I see herringbone wooden floor patterns the more I fall in love and must have that in my condo whenever I purchase one…

{Blossom Interiors}

Make a gallery wall of sorts framing different sized mirrors. A modern way to jazz up an “old” look…

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  1. Carla Wade says:

    Miya, these are great photos of antique mirrors. If you ever want a hand-silvered and hand aged mirror give us a call.


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