Tuesday’s Tips: Creative Ways to Display Postcards, Photos & Cards…

{Daily Crushes}

I know some ppl dislike having family/friend photos in a home because they feel it’s too self indulgent but I think what better way than to warm any space you’re in than with happy memories from trips, parties, and loved ones (including pets :-)). Gone are the days where you’re limited to simply framing a photo. This post will show you ways to display them. The above pic is a ginormous frame with a ton of Polaroids lined up. Tufted sofa, black floors, molding and exposed brick walls are other reasons why I love the room…


I want to emulate this for my bedroom. An ornate frame with pretty fabric, ribbon & push pins is all I’d need…

{Desire to Inspire}

I would have never thought of this. Continue reading on for a few more inspirations…

String or yarn & clothes pins can be purchased from the Dollar store…

Old frame + chicken wire + clothespins = Easy, Cheap & Cool Display

Polaroid Chic. Are there any inspirations for you? If so which one?

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