Fellas…I Didn’t Forget About Yall: Masculine Interiors

{Las Vegas Condo Experts}

Just because you’re a man, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on a nicely designed space. Masculine rooms are typically focused on color & clean lines, linear, industrial, wooden, graphic and tailored details. Deep subdued color schemes like libraries and cigar rooms keeps it sexy. But when decorating with such colors, you definitely want to make sure there’s adequate lighting.

{architectural digest}

No fussy lace and ruffled bedding for men. Stick to fabrics found in menswear like houndstooth, tweed, wool, plaid, flannel or solid. Using heavier textiles like chenille and velvet, especially in dark hues, will make the space feel very rich and warm. I absolutely love the above pic. The padded suede headboard really makes a great focal point. Using a mirrored armoire & table at the foot of the bed, adds an element of class.

{Fantasy Tower Suites Palms Vegas}

What man wouldn’t want to stay in this hotel suite or have this as his own personal bachelor pad? A fully stocked bar that’s big enough to seat all the guys, ample living room seating and a basketball court in the adjacent room. SUIIIITE (pun).

For lofts and downtown residences, you will often see more brighter tones and a ton of modern low profile furniture. Think bold and graphic. Platform bedding would be the route to go. Glass finishes & chrome accessories keeps it contemporary and fresh. Don’t think for one minute that you can’t have a fabulous CLOSET like the ladies. Below are some incredibly well designed dressing rooms for men. Make sure you continue on reading because there’s lots more masculine indulgences after those…

{architect James Paragano says of the house he designed for New York Yankees pitcher C. C. Sabathia}

{Interior designer Roger Thomas and architects DeRuyter Butler and Glen Ashworth collaborated with Steve Wynn on the hotelier’s own Las Vegas residence}

{the Decorista}

{View Home Design}

{Swissotel’s Cigar Room}

{Home Decorating Plan}

{My Many Bags}

Heavy emphasis on rustic elements like wood, stone, bark are also pretty typical in interiors designed specifically for men. Kind of like bringing the outdoors in since most men like nature. Animal prints and faux fur rugs and throws adds to the cabin/ski lounge feel…

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