Pattern Love: Chevron (zig zag) & Khloe Kardashian’s Home office…


{Modern 24 seven}

I am very fond of Chevron (aka zig zag) patterns. You see them everywhere on design blogs from the graphics to the interiors, rugs, pillows, floors and walls. I’ve even come across plates & iPhone covers but I’ll post on that later. For now indulge in some interiors that does this print justice…

{Canadian House & Home}

This Chevron patterned West Elm rug adds to the relaxed feel of this dressing room. The more and more I come across dressing rooms comforted from regular bedrooms, the more I can’t wait to purchase a condo. See how easy it is to transform a space? They used floating shelves. That’s it. Shelves that are typically used for books and knick knacks, used for shoes and clothes. Keep that in mind when you feel you don’t have enough closet space. Hanging clothes on curtain rods help too, though I’m sure it looks terrible from the outside but you can always hang an additional rod along a wall without windows…

{Jonathan Adler}

{Decor Pad}

This camel colored herringbone floor is so gorgeous. I even did a Friday’s Fabulous Floors post on it HERE. Continue reading for many more pics including Khloe Kardashian’s home office…

My love of lucite and zebra and magazines galore!!! This is from the home of Beau Lifestyle.

I love beautiful covers and book ends and feel they always should be displayed. Trays help confine her chaos but I really dig the abstract painting and how the plums, fuchsias and grays were pulled out into the accessories and decor. See more of her apartment HERE.

{Khloe Kardashian’s home office}

Yes that’s right, the above space is the home office of Lam Lam’s better half. That nickname tickles me to pieces, 😀 . To see another view of the office, click HERE. You can see the chevron print in the chair and pillows…

{Domino Magazine}

{Belle Maison}

Private residence in Queens, NY eclectic exterior

{eclectic exterior design by new york showroom Bella Porta}

The architectural detailing of arched windows and multiple bricks and chevron ground is everything to me. I think this home is gorgeous. Nothing like nice curb appeal…

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  1. Chantal says:

    Hi beautifull, thank you so much for your post and sweet words! xxx Chantal from Beau lifestyle


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