Inside the Closet of a Style Blogger: the Glamourai

Okay, I’m probably totally late but…… #dontjudgeme. I called myself cleaning out my inbox in which I spam myself daily by sending links to sites I don’t have time to browse while on lunch at work. Most times I end up sending myself inspiration pics among other things to the point I never quite get caught up. I’m sure I’m not alone. So I came across an email I sent myself back on November 8th, 2010 to check out the Glamourai. SMH. Yeah I know…again, don’t judge. Needless to say I’m quite impressed. She was able to execute exactly what I blogged about HERE which is maximizing vertical space to the fullest. You’ll be surprised how much more you can cram into your closets and store.

Check this out…she used Ikea’s desk dividers (made for magazines) for handbags. That’s what I call repurposing. Using items for an entirely different purpose than what it was intended for. HERE are some more ways you can repurpose. Continue reading…

I chuckled to myself because anytime I see a wig head I think of Wendy William’s wig head Shakeetha. (You have to watch the show, google it…it’s hilarious). But they’re great for hats & sunglasses as well. REPURPOSE.

She uses a mannequin for some of her statement necklaces. I think she did a great job especially for New York apartment limitations. To see more, click on her blog’s name above & get all the details…

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