First Friday Fashion Conversion: Cowhide…



On today’s Fashion Conversion I decided to go with cowhide. This above pic is from a Burberry Collection and though I have no details on if the hat is faux or not (and I yielded slim results on finding faux cowhide in interiors) I figured this post can still be inspiration whether you select real or fake.

When I first seen this pic months ago I didn’t like it but the more I look at it I love it. Primarily because I can tolerate pink when paired with black and white.

{Decor Pad}


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This floor is everything to me…

You can’t really see but I love fireplaces with pillars of candles inside…

Gorgeous & inexpensive way to do walls with frames. Thrift stores and Goodwill are always good choices to browse first before purchasing from a retail store. You never know what frames you can find for a couple bucks each that can be made new with spray paint.


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