Vintage Breakfast Buffet Bash…

What an awesome way to end a slumber party for kids than creating a vintage breakfast buffet bash! Using jars for drinking glasses and mismatched teacups & china (Goodwill, thrift stores, estate sales), various jars & retro milk jugs you can easily create this look. Cereal never looked so cool…

For place settings, use toothpicks & paper to make little flags & write the kid’s name on them and place them in a stack of pancakes. Ihop styled retro syrup holders in the middle of the table adds all sort of fun.  Blueberry, maple, strawberry syrups are sure to bring smiles to all the kids. Grab cheap blooms from the grocery store and use jars as vases for centerpieces…

Don’t forget to make it nutritious and have sliced strawberries and bananas on deck. Help make smiley faces on the kids pancakes. 🙂 Head on over to Jubella to see lots more details of the bash…

This above picture I found on Hostess w/the Mostess & it’s also a vintage theme. I think this would be so cool to add to the Breakfast Bash by simply swapping desserts for pastries, donuts & danishes. All can be purchased from the grocery’s bakery department, no special orders. It’s simply about presentation. Repurpose a candelabra or buy one from Home Goods (Marshalls) and place food on the holders vs candles. You want to create visual interest with different heights. I think the use of a Victorian styled picture frame as an accent is genius. How pretty is this? Think kids won’t appreciate such details? This can easily work for a mother’s day brunch or a shower.

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