African, Tribal, Safari Inspirations…


I love African inspirations for the home. In my very own living room, I have some african masks (I’d love more than anything to be able to say they’re purchased from exotic worldly travels but…truth be told I got them from TJMaxx, Burlington & the like, lol). I also have giraffe, zebra & tiger prints sporadically spread around, some natural elements like bamboo inspired frames, leather couches & big green leafy stems housed in some vases and some african figurines. I think it’s the very reason why I am so fond of Pier 1 and World Market because they have so many things that came from different countries and you can really have that electic “traveled” look. I always think it’s more interesting when you have items in the home that has a story behind it or some history or at the very least a room that wasn’t bought in one store all at once.

{Rue Mag}

The funny thing, I have a trunk very similar to the one at the edge of the sofa w/all of the wild feline patterns. I use it to store mail that needs to be shredded. They’re also great for housing extra pillows, blankets/throws and even toys.

{Fashionable Interiors}

Use a Bamileke Feather Headdress as wall decor. I’ve been seeing this a lot and it’s a modern way to add art to the wall as well as incorporate the culture in your home. Continue reading for more…


{Urban Dwellings}

{Dwelling Designs LLC}{}

This ceiling reminds me of African Huts. What a view…


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