Glossy Lacquered Painted Walls…


{Christina Murphy Interiors}

Since I did a High Gloss Painted Floors post I figured I would do one on walls as well. Ever since my all time fav singer Mariah Carey appeared on cribs & displayed her shiny hallway walls (a process she called “glazing” to make it look like candy), I’ve always had a fondness of lacquered finishes. As mentioned before, using a gloss paint will give you a deep saturated color.

There are some negatives. Anything with sheen shows defects very well so any sort of impurities in the drywall, uneven surfaces, etc will be magnified vs if you were using a flat. However, using eggshell or semi gloss minimizes the amount of imperfections you see. But how beautiful is it to look at? I love everything about the room above. The white really stands out against the blue and it isn’t too stark. It’s filled with so much furniture but is space planned so well that it’s not cluttered…

{Material Girls Blog}

{Jonathan Rosen Interiors}

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What a cool library…

{Sara Gilbane Interiors}

Mariah & her “candy glazed” lacquered walls…

{Be Design Obsessed}

So my BLACK obsession+ Black Walls+ Lacquered Finish=Design Indulgence!!!!

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  1. Kellie says:

    Love love these walls – any idea of what products are being used?


    1. I am unsure of the exact products but paints in a satin finish will give you a glossy look. Your local hardware store should have employees in the paint section that can probably give you more knowledge.


  2. Portia says:

    Satin paint gives you a satin finish, glossy paint gives you a glossy finish, lacquer paint or a full lacquering process involving about 6 coats of gloss and light sanding & cleaning in between layers gives you the look you have in these pictures.
    Good luck.


    1. Good thing I advised her to seek a professional at a hardware store.


  3. Michelle Kizilkaya says:

    Any idea about toxity? I’d love to try the full on high-gloss procedure but am concerned about the dust from sanding especially with many young kids. Is there an alternative like full gloss latex with a final coat of something clear and shiny? Clearly it won’t achieve the same flawless, liquid shine but to get a brilliant, white hi-gloss look, would it be even close?


    1. Going to email you


  4. Amber Nikole says:

    i have the same question as above, can you please let me know?


  5. carol sweeney says:

    same as above how can i get this look please please help


  6. DeAnna says:

    Darling you are Fabulous. I love your style. Also a huge fan of this look. Also back painted glass back splashes. Awesome. Anyhow I am also curious on the procedure and products used for this super glossy look. I went to the local hardware store and all they could sell me was the high gloss and I am deeply disappointed in the not so shiny outcome of my blue wall. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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