Friday’s Fabulous Floors: Glossy Painted…


This will be the last installment of the Friday’s Fabulous Floors. Next month I will feature something new to highlight. I want to bring attention to the different materials available in home design and hope to give some insight on them as well as showcase the versatile design options. I will also continue with 1st Friday’s Fashion Conversion (in which I forgot this month so I’ll be doubling up next Friday). I hope you enjoyed the Fab Floors series where I discussed concrete, bamboo, herringbone selections to name a few. (If you haven’t read them, simply click on Friday’s Fab Floors in the category section of the site or HERE). Anyhoo this is all about high gloss painted floors. It reminds me gymnasiums back in school where the floors were so shiny. Most people don’t think of painting floors as an option, they automatically think of laying down tile, wood or carpeting. But painting with a gloss finish will afford you rich color tones.


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Love how they used a gloss paint & flat paint (which has minimal light reflection) to give this argyle shaped pattern. This is also something you can do on walls with the exact same paint color to give that subtle contrast.


Remember when I blogged about DECORATING TIPS FOR ARCHED WINDOWS? Well you can do this too. So what are your thoughts? Yay? Nay? Does glossy floors make you feel as if you’re going to slip?

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