I Heart All Things Peacock…

{Decor Pad}

I had to do another post on peacock interiors. My obsession with this bird’s feathers is almost parallel to my obsession with the color black. Almost…not quite. 🙂

{tip toe butterfly}

You know, I’m really starting to like aged mirrors. At first I thought I only liked it in Kim Kardashian’s GLAM bedroom but I may have a change of heart…

I like the symmetry of this room…Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly Kitchen 7 eclectic kitchen

{Pier 1}

I adore the mirrored furniture in Pier 1. These chairs and the peacock curtain panels are lovely as well…

Click HERE to purchase…

{Coco Cozy}

{Layla Grace}

{Made by Girl}

Really loving these peacock rugs & pillow choices. Iman’s collection also has some peacock fabric inspirations. Click HERE & HERE to see more feather indulgences.

One Comment Add yours

  1. lauren seale says:

    Where did you find that peacock rug?!?


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