Boutique Indulgences: Faire Frou Frou…

OMG *fist pump* this is so incredibly pretty. Not only the organization of it all but how flirty, feminine & girly it is. This is the lingerie drawer of one of the boutique’s owners. Definitely a perk. This mother and daughter duo who started Faire Frou Frou in 2005 carries the finest of intimate apparel from around the world. The photography shown on the site is very classy & tasteful. Any woman who loves to indulge in ling-ger-ree, will surely want to splurge on a thing or two….or three or four after visiting the SITE & BLOG.

Bubble chandeliers? Absolutely. Love it.

Continue reading for more indulgences…

A Sworvoski crystal mirrored amps the glam factor…

Tulle lined fabric drapes the dressing rooms for privacy as one’s feet can take comfort in the faux fur rug…

To see more pics and read all about the remodel, click HERE.

“A key to happiness…has to be to success and that is defined solely by you”–Miya the Design Goddess.

 That’s the first thing I thought of when seeing the picture. It’s definitely being saved in my archives as a reminder to keep pushing forward in achieving my goals and dreams. 🙂

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  1. Ruthy says:

    Just stumbled across your blog while googling design ideas..and im so glad i did! I love your aesthetic and think you’re soo talented! Thanks for all the inspiration~


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