Tuesday’s Tips: Solutions for Lack of Cabinet Space…

Simply use a tray to maximize the vertical space that you do have. Or go to a specialty store like The Container Store.

The Container Store’s stacking shelves start as low as $9.99. You ever have to lift up a bunch of saucers and smaller plates to get to the large ones? This is great for that as well because you can simply keep them separate and still use the space you have.

Perfect for stocking up on canned foods and boxes (for those who don’t have pantries). Continue reading for more solutions…

If you get down in the kitchen like yours truly, you have a ton of spices. If you don’t have a spice rack, simply purchase a Lazy Susan. Target and the likes carry similar styles for $14 and up. It allows you to spin it around without having to pull out all spices you don’t need in order to  get to one. If you want a more sleeker look, head on over to Home Depot and order their Kraft Maid products.

A wooden tiered (think steps) shelf will help for spices…

Roll out trays are probably the best thing since sliced bread especially for those of you who have a ton of cookware. Target’s website also carries chrome versions of this for $39.99. It goes to show you, if you invest in the proper hardware and maximize vertical space, you will be able to create a more functional kitchen environment.

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