The Placement of Things pt 2: Decorating w/Trays…


Janell Beals traditional living room

I love decorating with trays. I think it helps confine your chaos and prevent things from looking cluttered. Trays make anything look neat from magazines to remote controls and perfumes. How about the little jars in your bathroom that holds cotton swabs, q tips, bath salts etc? Put them on a tray. What about a few containers to hold makeup, a cup for makeup brushes and some perfume? Put it all on a tray. How about a tray in the kitchen or foyer area where you lay your phone, keys, any other randoms that can easily get lost. Here are some ideas to help you place things in a fab way…

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{chic geek}

{Chic Geek}

{Marcus Design}

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Raven Inside Interior Design contemporary kitchen

See the tray? You can do that too with a few martini glasses, ice buckets & drink shaker etc. Set it up perfectly so whenever you have guest, you can have drinks on deck for them…Living Room Chic eclectic living room


{La Dolce Vita}

{Real Simple}

Here’s a good way to repurpose a framed picture. Take out the photo & replace with pretty wallpaper, craft paper or fabric, lay it down on a table or ottoman and put things on it…

Michelles Master Bedroom. eclectic bedroom

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marianne says:

    I love this idea……..especially for neat freaks like me…..


  2. Shermika says:

    I have some in my living room, but I am going to incorporate trays more. Great ideas! Esp with the perfume bottles.


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