Ambient Lighting:Interiors, Weddings, Pools & Exteriors…

utopia projects contemporary living room

Ambient Lighting really sets the mood for your space as well as highlights wall features, plants and art. Uplights, recessed lights, spot lights, dimmers, even candles can all do the trick. It can really transform the most basic areas…

Corbett Lighting contemporary dining room
Notice the many light sources: For the wall art, the uplight shining on the plant, the chandelier over table and recessed lighting on ceiling…
Habachy Designs  bedroom
Love the way the light makes the tufted headboard look…
utopia projects contemporary dining room
Beautiful herringbone floors & comfy seating nook…
XStyles Bath Design Studio contemporary bathroom
Modern modern bedroom
Very modern wall treatment that brings so much depth to the space. Even the elevated platform bed is lit. Here are a few other posts (1, 2) that has some great ambient lit interiors. Otherwise continue reading for lots more pics…

{Desire to Inspire}


{Events by Evonne}

I always say if you have a strict budget for a wedding reception or a less than stellar venue, splurge on lighting. It will completely take the focus off ugly carpeting, wallpaper etc. I’ve been to a wedding in a not so fab hotel where the wallpaper was very dated but you didn’t even notice because the lighting was on point.


Even lights shown on trees can make a forest less scary, :-). Not only a safety precaution, well lit outdoor areas allows you to appreciate the landscaping at night as well as the day.

night lighting contemporary exterior


Beautiful Moroccan Villa…

{Hilton Pattaya}

Love the glow tables…


This is exactly where I want to be right now in 85 degree temps with a fruity alcoholic beverage. The LIFE!!!

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