Monday Morning Inspiration…


{park place mag}

Ahhhhh it’s Monday & it’s Valentine’s Day. I hope you lovebirds enjoy. I figured I’ll post a pic up of an interior decorated with flowers as a lot of people will be getting them today. This room is so colorful and cheery. I like how they used different size vases to hold a stem of blooms at different heights on the window sill. I also love the blooms on the trays atop the ottoman. But the main reason I posted the pic is not becaus of the interior, or flowers…it’s the framed art in the back. I always come across these “keep calm” quotes & I think they’re pretty fun. Soooo……

Who can argue with margaritas? If you look closely in the pic, you’ll even see a few alcoholic beverages ready and waiting to be sipped. Cheers!!!

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