Enlarge Family Photos for a Modern Display…

{Fabulous K}

One way of displaying family photos in an art kind of way is having them blown up. It’s such a modern way to have personalized art. I especially love blown up frameless photos on canvas…


Black and white photography is also a nice way to have the photos in sync with one another. It’s a timeless look. Too many colors in enlarged pics may clash with the scheme of the room…

{House of Turquoise}

Continue reading on for more inspiration including two sites I’ve come across that allows YOU to upload images and pick options like comic book or silhouette styles (to name a few)…


Click HERE to see exactly what was done to duplicate this look…

I’ve come across a few sites to help you transform your pics (www.mpix.comhttp://allpopart.com). From Mpix you can make custom books, greeting cards, puzzles among other things and gallery wraps which are images put on a canvas for a 3D look like the one below.

All Pop Art has Andy Warhol, comic book, silhouette, graffiti styles among many more to choose from like some of the ones below. 

You can even avatarnize yourself, LOL. I think these are great for gifts and a cooler  unexpected way to display family portraits without being too stuffy and dated. Click HERE to see another post I did that featured a room w/ frameless canvas photos in such a beautiful way. Is this something you can see yourself doing in your home? If so which styles?


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