Before & After…

Browsing Desire to Inspire & came across this before and after renovation. It went from very ugly…

To über cozy. Ottomans under the lucite table to the right adds for additional seating. By using an acrylic table, it doesn’t add weight to the room which gives the illusion of more area. Click HERE to see further examples. An exposed brick wall (something I drool over and must have in my next place) gives it some architectural interest.


Earth tones and vibrant splashes of red makes the space warm and inviting. White fluffy rugs is a nice contract between it and the dark wood floors. Sequin details in the pillows, mirrored coffee tables & large framed mirror gives it a little bit of glam. I think the homeowners did a wonderful job. The lighting really sets it off.

One thing I noticed too is since it’s a limited space, they didn’t try to cram oversized furniture. That’s one thing ppl make mistakes in doing. Yes it can be very costly to switch out & buy new furniture every time you move.  However having pieces to scale w/the room and thinking of other ways to get the seating you need without bulking up your floor space (ottomans) does wonders!! Click HERE to see more and exactly what the renovation entailed.

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