The Placement of Things Pt 1…

{Made by Girl}

One thing I love to see is pretty tabletop decor. Meaning, accessories, keepsakes, photos, treasures, anything meaningful placed on a table and arranged in a certain way. I don’t believe everything should be confined to a drawer or basket and hidden. If you have pretty stationary, display it. If you have fun memories captured by a photo, frame it. If you have gorgeous book covers, stack them up pyramid style and place a paperweight on it. It’s a fine line before you reach cluttered territory but hopefully the pictures from this post will inspire you & help you to understand what I’m talking about. I’ll be doing two more posts in the near future very similar to this, also about the placement of things. Stay tuned…but for now, indulge. {the Decorista}

I don’t expect you to have a plate of fruit on deck though candles are ALWAYS great. I’m a sucker for good smelling candles. 🙂

{Elle Decor}

The telescope is PERFECT for a windowsill in New York or any other city with a good skyline view from a high-rise. I also like the high gloss paint on the walls. Continue reading for more pics…

{High Gloss Magazine}

Champagne bottle chilled in an ice bucket atop some books…an avid reader who likes to drink! I like how this divider is separating the dining room to create a formal enclosed feel…

{Adore Home}

Perfume bottles and a dish displaying some statement jewelry is always nice for a vanity or dresser…


Rule of thumb: You can never go wrong with a lamp, flowers and books…


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Love it! my kind of bedroom.


  2. I LOVE your style!

    May all your gardens grow!


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