Superbowl Party Ideas….

Are you hosting a shindig this wknd to cheer on the Packers…….or…um…what’s that other team? Then here are a few fun ideas to get festive for the event.


If you have already texted everyone the party details, feel free to follow-up with an E-vite. They have a few really cute ones to choose from. Simply send a “reminder” email with one of these to set the tone for the party. Below is a few I like but you can click HERE to see the full selection.


{The High Heeled Hostess}

It’s quite obvious, if you live in Wisconsin, you’re going to have a PACKERS party decked out in green & yellow. If you live in another state, it may be best to have a team neutral decor with typical game themed plates from  your local party store. Or, if you’re smart, you’ll still have an all green & yellow theme lol.

{hostess with the mostess}

Duplicating this fun look is fairly easy. Go to your local craft store or Michael’s, purchase green felt paper and either A) number stickers or pre-made decals or B) white felt paper & simply glue it on the green to make a football field. Continue reading for LOTS more pics and fun ideas including something I did for a sports themed kids room…

 This reminds me of a client’s room I did for her sons. They had a sports theme and I wanted something fun for the wall. This is what I made. The boys LOVED it and thought it was so cool. Initially I wanted to paste buff players bodies on the field and have the boys look like bobble heads.  I had them take pictures making crazy faces and then cut their heads out but this end up being the final result. I also used chalkboard to make the “bubbles” so that they can write & leave comments about each other. 🙂

Another thing you can do is place helmets, footballs, pom poms on the table or in the middle of the table. Elevate food platters by wrapping boxes in solid hued colors that supports the team you’re rooting for & place the platters on top, creating a tablescape with food at different heights. It creates visual interest.

{Real Simple}


Can’t have a super bowl without munchies. The food is downright the second best part of any bash outside of being around friends & fam. If you’re having a large party, feel free to put tons of ice in your bathtub & have all the beverages in it (more ideal if you have multiple bathrooms). You can also have a DIP BUFFET. It allows you to play it simple by serving various dips and the chips, crackers, breads, shrimp, wings, etc to donk in them. Things like, cocktail sauce, salsa, crab dip, ranch, taco dip, spinach dip, chilli cheese dip, etc etc. Click HERE to see Real Simple’s list of 22 dips Serve everything on white platters for a more streamlined feel. I came across a picture that used small white cuts as shot glasses on a table to spell out a team’s name.

{the Celebration Shoppe}


HOW FRIGGIN’ CREATIVE IS THIS??????? OMG. I love it, it’s too cute to even mess up. Click HERE to see everything that’s in it.

{Colin Cowie}

A chili bar? Everyone makes their own bowls. How about adding hot dogs so ppl can make chilli dogs Click HERE to see all the ingredients to make it happen.


Yeah, I know. It’s not a shower where it’s more formal to give favors to your guest. But this is a very inexpensive way of simply showing your appreciation to the friends & family that made it to your event. Paper bags and clothes pins from the dollar store, a cute printable (search online for free THANK YOU printables, typically found on & fill it with gourmet popcorn, pretzels or home made trail mix. It’s simply a nice send off.

 Hope you all have a fantabulous Superbowl wknd. I am going to my brother & sis n law’s for their bash. I can’t wait for the game, the food, the commercials and being in good company. Plus, the eye candy that is Tramon Williams. 😉

Two of my siblings live in Dallas, I know they aren’t thrilled with the Milwaukee styled weather they have right now. However what fun it has to be to be in a city hosting the bowl AND your home state’s team!!! GO PACK GO!!!


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  1. Interior Adoration, LLC says:

    I love these ideas!!! I wish I could watch the Super Bowl… my team is playing (The Steelers) and I can’t even cheer them on. 😦


    1. how come u can’t watch?????? DVR it if you’re not going to be home. I’m dvring it anyway so I can watch the commercials later. The party I’m going to will be very loud I’m sure.


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