Friday’s Fabulous Floors: Herringbone Patterns…

{J.Crew Bridal Boutique}

I love me some wood floors, real wood, laminate, doesn’t matter. It’s a beautiful classic look that brings homes value. Combined with herringbone patterns…I then have a visualgasm. Here are some interior designed spaces with herringbone floors in all sort of materials (wood, marble, etc). Indulge…


When I purchase property, I must have floors that looks like this…Gorgeous.



Continue reading for more pics…


Stella Mccartney’s Milan Flagship store


Click HERE to see even more inspiration from The Luxury Interior Design Journal.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Thanks for the link Miya. I can’t believe how in love with that wood floor from Nirmada I am. Rich, dark and luxurious…. yummy! There is something so elegant about the simplicity yet beautiful pattern of herringbone that makes it timeless and classy.
    Have a great and inspiring weekend!


    1. No problem! you know, even my friend said she’s not a fan of wood floors at all or anything straight up and down but she loved the herringbone look.


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