….9K Blog Views….

The last time I noticed my stats, I had views in the upper 8 thousand range. Today prior to looking on my blog, I make a comment that when I made it to 9K, I would virtually dance all up and through my followers timelines (twitter). Hours later I log on and what do I see…I surpassed the 9,000 views. What….a co-ink-key-dink *chelsea lately voice*.  9 has always been my favorite number since I was a child. My bday is in the 9th month & I’ve had a couple other small significant things that’s associated with the number. So instead of celebrating milestones like 10K, I figured I’ll celebrate 9K. Yeah, it’s not much in comparison to the bloggers who’ve been around for years but I’ve only been in the game since November. I think I’ve done pretty well considering the 116 blog entries I’ve done. 

Now for the record, I’m not trying to compete to see how popular this site can get. I blog for the love of interiors & tablescapes. Period, point-blank. HOWEVER…knowing that I’m gaining readers does make me smile. So many friends & cyber pals have encouraged me to create a blog for so long and I put it off and off because I thought, who would wanna read it. When I get tweets from ppl saying something I wrote helped them out or a comment saying one of the pics I posted gave them the inspiration for their room or an email from someone all the way in India complimenting a post, it really validates everything. So I thank you. To whoever visits daily, occasionally, retweets my links on twitter, highlights my postings on their pages, links back an article, or simply shown some sort of support…THANK YOU. You don’t realize what those small gestures mean for me.  I’m all for celebrating achievements, no matter how small. Besides, it’s the lil things that makes me the most happy. 😀

 Have a fabulous wknd & GO PACK GO!!!!!! #packers


Miya, the Design Goddess

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