Venue Architecture Galore:The Villa Filomena…

Some of you who know me in real life know that I’m working on my 2nd ever major event. The first being my cousin’s anniversary party. I did the decor for the head table & a wishing well tree. From that experience, I’ve gained my current clients…a young couple who will marry at the end of April. I’m styling their reception. I’m nervous but so happy at the same time.

 When I went with them to see this 1874 built Victorian Mansion, I was so impressed. The details in everything from the moldings, the chandeliers, the floors, the fireplaces…yes, plural, were all so beautiful. Here are pictures of the venue as well as pics from my phone. Indulge…

This is still my wallpaper on my cell phone. Continue reading for more…

The entryway is so gorgeous in person. You can’t see the details in the glass planes or the hardwood flooring but it was fab…

This area was right before going to the courtyard area (which will be tented for my clients’). You can’t tell but the back wall is brick. I love the creamy colored moldings and how the ceiling was painted as well…

The only area that wasn’t original to the building. In many other pictures, the crystal chandeliers give off a certain glow that makes the walls look suede. I adore suede walls so I especially loved the lights.

I plan to use this table for the candy buffet. Their colors are sage and silver so candies in all shades of green will be used. Don’t know what a candy buffet is? Click Here. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on the progression of this project. A few months away!!!

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