A Vintage Glam Space…

I was not going to sleep tonight until I found this woman’s house. I watch the Nate Berkus show on dvr religiously. Granted, by the time I get free time, I’m usually watching multiple episodes at a time. With that said, it was exactly the case this wknd when he had a woman on who submitted photos of her place. I am not even a vintage kind of girl. Actually I’m eclectic modern with global influences kind of girl. My living room has contemporary styles mixed in with some traditional & it has African, animal print decor pieces. My bedroom is Moroccan in deep plums and cranberry hues. My bathroom is peach & ivory with seashells and shore elements. All my furniture is black as it’s my fav color. However nothing is decorated the way I envision because….student loans are due! LOL

 When Lizzie Carney showcased her home on the HOUSE PROUD segment of his show, it truly shows you how one can create a nice space on a budget. Most of her finds were from thrifting. Who would have thunk it. She specifically stated that the bedroom (1st pic) was created by using multiple shades of gray sheets, hanging a rod on one wall and creating a textured look by hanging drapery from it. Combined with the slick charcoal & blush combo, a tufted headboard and chandelier, I think she made a super glammed out vintage romantic room…

She decided to turn a room into a dressing room as opposed to a guest space. I love the tufted, skirted ottoman in the middle of the floor with racks of clothes & crystal light fixture. One thing shown that I admire for any home is a super large decorative framed mirror. So gorgeous. Hanging garments makes this feel like a vintage boutique….

Floating shelves help house additional storage like spices, dishes etc.  I’m not the pink person but I do like the pops of pink and teal through out this kitchen. Click HERE to see the video from the Nate Berkus Show. This definitely made me want to go out to the Goodwill to see what finds I could make new again with paint, etc. Estate sales and rummage (garage) sales are also cool ways to find some neat stuff. You just have to have the right frame of mind for hunting (because most times, I’d rather just buy from Pier1 or Marshalls). However nothing beats a home that actually has character.

What are some treasures you discovered from thrifting?


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