Using Maps & Globes as Art & Decor…


Such an inexpensive way to decorate an office, kids room or playroom. Maps & globes not only provide a learning experience, it can be used as a great way to make a design statement. Notice how the greens and browns make for a woodsy earthy palette for this boy’s room above. The pillows coordinate with the layered window treatment. I even like the fun globe mobile hanging from the corner…

{Ordinary is Boring}

Love the pillow and accessory choices to bring out the blues and greens from this map…

Although the wallpaper is a bit busy for my taste, I do like the burnt orange color to bring out the continents of this map….


What a fun voyage themed bedroom. The swing day bed would be such a fun idea for any kid. Continue reading for more pics…


A beautiful way to decorate shelving. Using craft paper to cover books so that the ends match the scheme of the room creates a unified look…



The lobby of St. Joseph’s Hospital in New Jersey.The 20ft in diameter light fixture has 860 individual 6″ square cubes. The acrylic cubes are set at various depths with interior LED lights that are programmed with a variety of colors and patterns.




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  1. Milli says:

    Would have never thought of this. Dope.


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