Friday’s Fabulous Floors: Bamboo (eco-friendly)…


Since the green movement, bamboo flooring has been a popular choice in interior design. It’s actually grass, not wood and it grows very quickly reaching maturity at 4 yrs. When it’s harvested, the plant isn’t destroyed as the roots remain intact which is why it’s a renewable flooring choice.


Most Bamboo flooring is sold pre-finished which is very durable and has an even finish. The colors range from a light golden honey color to carbonized floors which is a dark caramel hue. You can stain bamboo floors a deep espresso, mahogany,  and even shades of green. Bamboo flooring is actually harder than maple and red oak floors because the fibers don’t absorb moister as easily making it harder to chip and less likely to warp over time. However it isn’t an ideal flooring choice for foyers, entryways and areas prone to dirt, mud & other outdoor elements. Excessive moisture areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms are also not ideal.

To clean, you pretty much do what you normally would with a wood floor but when it comes to mopping, large quantities of water isn’t recommended. You’ll want to use felt pads under chairs to avoid any scratching as well.


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  1. The middle picture shows a floor with a lovely effect. The colours are wonderful like a tiger! That’s an interesting point about bamboo being harder than oak or maple. I didn’t know that. Perhaps we should think about diversifying into bamboo too.


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