Tuesday’s Tips: Turning Twin Beds into Day Beds…

I’ve seen once on tv where they took a twin bed, pushed it against the wall horizontally and added pillows to the back thus creating a day bed for a small room that doubled as an office/guest space. I thought the idea was brilliant seeing as though one wouldn’t need to purchase new furniture if they already had a smaller bed on deck. I found the above picture from www.myhomeideas.com. They too used a twin bed to convert into a day bed. They also created additional storage by lifting the bed on top of cinder blocks gift wrapped in metallic vinyl fabric and plywood (also wrapped in vinyl) from a home improvement store. They used a total of 3 yards and this was such a clever way to add bins, baskets and storage underneath. Perfect for a small room without ample closet space.

Giant pillows stuff underneath this spray painted coffee table also creates extra seating…

What a clever way to have storage and a home office in one! I’ve done a post before on converting closets into desk areas Here. But I never thought of using a bookshelf for it. This would work too (mainly for laptop users). A great way to repurpose something meant for a whole different intention. It’ll work even better if some of the items on the bottom shelf were removed for a foot rest…

Here’s the budget friendly finished product of a room makeover. Office space, bed/couch, even a little seat for eating. I love the pillows and purple/silver combo. Click here to see how the room looked before and many more pics along with where the pieces were found and what all was spray painted to achieve this look. Continue reading this post for more daybed inspirational pics…

{Apartment Therapy}



Lovely colors in the wall art & perfect pillows to match…


I’d love to lounge on this daybed and watch a thunderstorm or read a book. It’s such a cozy nook with plush fabric selections. Built in drawers under for storage and a chandelier for glam purposes.

A cool reading area for a kid’s room. This was created by pairing two twin beds together. I hope this post was some sort of inspiration for you.

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  1. Excellent ideas!

    May all your gardens grow!


  2. These are gorgeous ideas! I’m definitely going to use some!


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