Reflective Finishes…Uber Fab…

{La Dolce Vita}

One surefire way to create a glammed out space is by adding reflective touches and mirrored pieces to your decor. Like most women, I love all things shiny & sparkly so every pic in this post is worth indulging in. The espresso hued argyle floor pattern is gorgeous. Gold metallic hues from the dresser, to the mirror, to the chandelier creates a very stylish entryway. Also click 1, 23, and 4 to see other post with mirrored surfaces…

A mirrored baseboard & headboard with a tufted bench & ruffled pillows makes this champagne colored hotel room a romantic escape. I especially love the suede wall…

{the Decorista}

When I first looked at the pic above, I thought it was a huge space but it’s really just the wall mirrors making it appear larger. Which is key if you have a small room, just add a large mirror somewhere, or mirrored furniture to give off the illusion. The milky white chandelier looks wonderful with the mirrored damask print ceiling. Completely unexpected…


Stainless steel is something most homeowners request not realizing the maintenance of it. It’s not really kid friendly considering it shows fingerprints very well so unless you’re a person that constantly cleans….. However, it DOES make for cool interior design.I like the use of it for the countertop and checkered backplash. Chrome colored cabinet bases, hardware & stainless steel appliances and mosaic tiles is a nice marriage of materials to create this modern space.


I still don’t know how it’s done but hanging a wall mirror on an aged mirrored wall is very dimensional. The lemon pillows gives the space a much needed splash of color.

Continue reading for more pics and inspiration…

{desire to inspire}

Mirrored armrest, side tables, lamps…

{designed by Erinn Valencich}

Lacquer chairs and table has a high gloss effect and looks ultra modern with the chromed out lighting fixture. I also dig the mirrored console table. Notice how the roman shades gives much needed light but provides the privacy needed as well.


 The lucite nightstand is a nice compliment to the mirrored bed post (which reminds me of the Sears Tower in Chicago)…

Glamorous Guest Bathroom eclectic bathroom
Mirrored vanity, glass basin (sink), crystal wall sconce and a silver metallic shower curtain would probably be approved by Ms. Hepburn.

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