Need More Seating? Try Breakfast Nooks…..

{Desire to Inspire}

Like storage and closet space, we’re all pretty much searching for adequate seating in our homes. Especially those of us who live in apartments and want to entertain. Often times apartments have galley kitchens which means, no room for a table to eat in. Even if there is room, there’s barely enough space to fit four people comfortably so what can you do? Create a built-in corner unit, push a table toward it and put a chair or two on the side and viola…you’ve created a breakfast nook. I’ve loved these things since my all time fav singer Mariah Carey was on MTV cribs. She had her “country kitchen” with a cozy nook filled with plenty pillows and tons of personal pictures hanging on the wall above. I think these spaces are wonderful not just for eating but even reading a book. Here’s some inspiration for you…

Kitchen in Apartment traditional kitchen
Fabulous metallic lighting and pillows, jazzy cheetah print seat cushions, bamboo chairs in an otherwise, contemporary designed kitchen, crown molding, painted ceiling…I like it. Look how many more people can be seated in the space with the nook.{Desire to Inspire}

Well….it’s colorful. LOL. Not necessarily my taste but, it still feels cozy.

Artistery in East Meets West modern kitchen


Love all things tufted so you know this one is right up my alley.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. I love your designs and solutions!


  2. cornerofmain says:

    These are awesome! I hope to add a nook to my kitchen someday 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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