Brrrrrrr….I need a Cozy Fireplace like these….


Sooooo it’s going to be zero degrees Friday night. Wait a minute, that isn’t plural. Zero degree. Ridiculous. Needless to say after I get off work, I will be going straight home.  That kind of weather is not “kickin’ it” friendly. So I thought it’ll be fitting to do a post on one of the many indulgences people have: fireplaces. I adore the above picture. The mocha & chocolate tones are so rich and warm. That headboard is definitely a nice focal point. I’d love to curl up on that chair by the fireplace though.


This double-sided (meaning  you can see through it from two rooms) fireplace is everything to me. I love the modern look with the brick and icy blue tile combo.

Found this on Flickr. I’m almost 100% positive this is a computer generated rendering of one of Regency’s fireplaces.  One of the things people don’t realize is interior designers had to learn different computer programs in college because some design firms prefer computer drawings vs hand drawn. I myself, having natural born talent since I was a toddler, prefer to hand draw, draft & sketch. I can do SOME computer images but not quite this level of perfection.


A modern gas fireplace. Continue reading for lots more pics including a perfect solution if you live in a fireplace free apartment…




Contemporary two-way fireplace…


This table fireplace is built by Planika Fires which uses fanola bio fuel which is smoke and odorless.

This transparent gas fireplace made by Heat&Glo looks like wall art. It’s made to look like an infinite flame. I’m unsure of the name but back in the day there was a wall mirror that had lights on the edge that gave the illusion of continuous “stars” as you gazed into it. It’s kind of hard to describe but that’s what this fireplace reminds me of.

{House & Home}


Absolutely gorgeous. The flames look like they’re coming out of diamonds, I love it!!!!


Now this portable fireplace is new to me. These are perfect for apartment dwellers. They are made by Brasa Fire and uses bio-ethanol fuel which has a clean eco-friendly burn. Best of all, you can place it anywhere you like for a nice, warm, cozy retreat.

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  1. Tiffany powell says:

    I luv fireplaces, I have one and I try to use it as much as possible, its wood burning, so if I dont have anymore wood im outta luck. Great pictures!


    1. Hey Tiff, thanks. Actually you should get a ton of pillar candles at different heights and place them in the fireplace when you run out of wood. It will still give off some heat and it looks cool. Lucky you to have a real fireplace tho!!

      here an example of what I’m talking about


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