Tuesday Tips: Decorating Bay & Arched Windows…

Bay windows are a very tricky design dilemma. Wasted floor space is also a problem for bay windows that doesn’t have built ins.  Most people have a difficult time hanging window treatments so here is a few tips and visuals to help you with yours. The very first picture in my Ultra Glam Interiors post is another example of what you can do…

  • use flexible curtain tracking which can be bent into shape with your hands

{Inspiration for Decoration}

They can also be used for two corner windows as seen above. BTW, I love blown up frameless photos like this.

  • Window Shades…if your bay window has molding that you don’t want hidden, purchase shades for them. I personally love roman styles. They’re easy to fit in bay windows and you really don’t have to worry about adding anything else to it. I say mounting the shades inside the frames really emphasizes the architecture.

{Desire to Inspire}

  • Regular Curtain Rod…hung straight across. This is particularly easy if you don’t have furniture within the bay space.

Or hang panels in the middle  of each window with shades or blinds….

  • Arched Curtain Rods…


Custom drapery or blinds which can cost a pretty penny but it makes the windows look so much more tailored…

{Design Dazzle}

Pretend the arch doesn’t exist and hang a rod as high as possible and cover entire window…

Often times rods are hung right under the arch to add privacy but allow the arch to remain visible. I wouldn’t suggest this style if you prefer black out darkness for sleep. Not everyone wants to awaken to sun rays beaming on their face. Whether you have a bay or arched window, you really can dress it up anyway you desire, the key is having the correct hardware.

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  1. Ashley says:

    OBSESSED with that first room. I want to hang out in there! This was a great post, I think alot of people struggle with window treatments.


  2. Thank you! When I was still in college, my 2nd client had a bay window and I couldnt find a rod in the stores that bent for the life of me. I didn’t think to go online (duh).I managed to make the window look decent but it was a huge struggle.


  3. Donna says:

    Any tips on where to purchase an arched curtain rod? (Like your photo titled: Arched Curtain Rods



    1. Hi…You may have to go to a specialty window treatment store. But I would try first Jcpenney as they have a custom drapery department or even a hardware store like Home Depot. Otherwise check out any of the following links. Hope this helps.








  4. Katrina says:

    I have a new home and it has a large mitered pane window over looking the pool…we are building a banquette under it for our eat in kitchen nook however the right way to hang curtains to soften how open the windows are without hiding that it is one huge window has me stumped. Any ideas? The wall above the window also angles with the glass.


    1. Hi Katrina…would you be able to email me a pic because I want to make sure I’m envisioning the right thing.


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