Splashes of Sunburst…


Sunny bright yellows aren’t my preference but I do like the color schemes of the interiors in this post. It really shows you how you can use a vibrant hue and still have a muted room that isn’t so bright. The gray, cream and yellow above is a nice palette. The usage of a divider softens the edge of a corner. Positioning the chairs in this way still allows for the fireplace to remain the focal point of the room but is still a good conversational area. Use fruit like lemons for a bowl instead of typical decor balls. What I really like is they didn’t forget the ceiling.

Decor by Jennifer Inc contemporary family room
{Toronto interior designer Jennifer Brouwer}
Flowers & pillows are easy ways to add color to any space, regardless what hue you select. BTW, I love shutter & wooden blinds.
Presidio heights apartment eclectic living room
{ Jacobs Design, Inc.}
I personally wish the placement of books weren’t so……vertical. I will be doing a post soon on ways to decorate shelving and to make it visually interesting. Other than that, I really like how the dark floor makes the seating & rug pop. Continue reading for more pictures…
{D Magazine}
{Florida Design Mag}

The designer used chocolate, cream and yellows hues for this master bedroom suite.

{the Decorista}

Just like my post on converting closets into home offices , this room above really utilizes the space for function.


I have a love/hate relationship with this room. It’s very busy and that’s not my personal taste. I dislike the bold art and wallpaper combo but I do like the way the wainscoting coating breaks up the wallpaper which is something anyone can do if they like a certain print but don’t want to become dizzy from having to look at an entire wall.  Another idea is a chair rail but having the wallpaper either at the top or bottom and a solid paint color opposite of the rail.Using a busy print rug vs wall to wall carpeting also breaks up the floor nicely. You know I love black floors. Another change I would do is having the wall with the fireplace painted black.

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