Kid Friendly: Chalkboard Surfaces…

Not only because I have a slight obsession with the color black but because it’s amazingly functional and totally kid friendly. Chalkboard vinyl stickers and chalkboard paint is the way to go. Put it on a table for the kids playroom so they can doodle while eating, put it on the fridge as an easy reminder for “to do” lists, put it on beverage cups so people don’t accidentally drink out of the wrong one, even on an entire wall the kids will get to draw without repercussions. Purchase the paint from any hardware store or simply get the vinyl stickers from Kohl’s, Target, Marshalls etc. Continue reading for lots of pics and limitless examples of what can be done…

Chalkboard surfaced tables is also a great idea for adult oriented parties (showers, weddings). Place enough chalk and you can set up kid’s table to keep themselves occupied.

{Decor Pad}

Continue on for more pics…

{Apartment Therapy}


I actually used the chalkboard jars like the ones above from World Market for a client’s kitchen. I filled them with different pastas and wrote the names of them on it.

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  1. Ha! This is genius! I wish I were a kid again!


    1. yeah I know right…..LOL


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