Color Connection: Gray…

Gray, a color often used for formality,  is a cool calming color that is neutral enough to be paired with any other accent. I personally love to see gray combined with purples, mustards, or white. Gray & white color schemes are so relaxing to me especially in bathrooms. It creates a spa kind of feel that’s soothing. I’ve compiled many examples of for you so indulge…

Above is a beautifully white stylized lacquer desk with other contemporary pieces like the chrome chair & geometrical shaped wallpaper. Below has accents of gray with damask wallpaper framed, the drapery and rug.



I’m really fond of displaying books with the same colors as the room…

{Drake Design Associates}

This modern space is a great office design. Who wouldn’t want to work in here? Now if you are anything like me, you wondered what the tower was in the background. Well, look below.

It’s a tower of books. How friggin cool is this? Very innovative. I’ve never seen anything like this before but it’s genius. I would try something like this but on a much smaller scale, lol.

Continue reading for lots more pics…

Gorgeous painting. Very simplistic design…



Tufted sofa. Check. Fur (hopefully faux) throw. Check. Brick wall. Check. My kind of room…or boutique.


Really love how neat wooden blinds look on the outside. If you look closely that’s not just a picture frame. It’s a tv disguised as one.

 A really sleek contemporary design with darker shades of gray.


This shower is everything to me…


Very symmetrical & glamorous with the mirrored furniture, suede tufted headboard (exactly what I plan to make myself soon), beautiful wallpaper and a rug perfect for sinking toes into.

A perfect reading area…


Very unique bathroom sink…

{country living}

{the Granite Guros}

I love this. Who would have thought to add a jazzy mirror inside the bathtub area?

If you had to select a color to accent gray, what would you pick? 

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  1. Milli says:

    Stack of books is really cool. Means you’re probably going to spend a few hundred trying to get close to a tower.


    1. yeah but one can always go to the goodwill or second hand shops or actively pursue ppl they know to see if they are willing to give them some books…


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