Celeb Edition: Kravitz Design Inc by Lenny Kravitz…

{Delano Hotel Miami Florida}

I was under the impression Lenny Kravitz only had a wallpaper line. Imagine my shock when I realized he has his own design firm.  Founded in 2003, Kravitz Design Inc gives dynamic design solutions for residential & commercial design, product development & branding. Lenny has a diverse team of interior designers, architects and creative professionals behind the brand.  Not only is their interior design, but also wallpaper, chandeliers and furniture designs as well. He told Elle Decoration “We’re designing inspiring places for people to be more creative.” Now this doesn’t scream newbie design firm to me!! The lucite piano is a replica of the original in Kravitz’s Miami home. I think this whole space is fabulous.

Tropical print patterns and warm woods… For their first project, they did an excellent job…

{Reynolds Still}

I adore this design above. Showcasing Kravitz’s wallpaper & furniture line with grungy architecture of the brick wall & wooden beams paired with the delicacy of the chandelier and softness of the sofa. You know my passion for zebra so of course I love the wingbat chairs. Here’s a closer up below…

The dark, rich chocolate hues paired with gold accents really does it for me.

Continue reading for more fab pics…

{coco & lowe}

I’ll take those mocha tufted dining chairs for $200, Alex…LOL. The three images below, of his home (see Habitually Chic for more) were designed by Lenny himself & is where the firm’s signature style stems from.

So dark and sexy…

The snake skin patterned seat cushions, charcoal furniture & walls really allows the milky chandelier to stand out.


Beautiful photography…

Here are a couple funky wallpaper designs of Lenny’s. You can check out more at http://www.flavorleague.com/wallpaper/new


4 Comments Add yours

  1. yvonne says:

    ooohhh I love those Zebra Chairs…great Post Miya and thanks for introducing me to Lenny Kravitz line.


  2. Joanna Price says:

    WOW sweet


  3. I love how over-the-top it is. And I will definitely be upholstering some zebra wingback chairs like those.


    1. Girl those wingbacks were everything to me. They literally stopped me in my tracks 🙂 Sometimes celebs put a stamp on things and it’s cheesey and whatnot. But I feel his design team is very talented and authentic.


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