Around the World: Morocco Style…

Ever since Destiny’s Child was on MTV Cribs & Beyonce had that Moroccan room with Indian saris and pillows galore, I’ve fallen in love with the style. I have a canopy, some lanterns and a few other things in my bedroom but this post is about fabulous Moroccan styled interiors. I like the architecture of the fireplace above…

{Katra New York}

Love the decor here…

Beautiful cluster of lanterns and comfortable bench seating creates intimate conversational areas in this restaurant…
Vanessa De Vargas  living room
I need a rug like this in my life but in a different color. I love t his pattern but not exactly sure what it’s called. I see it a lot so if anyone knows, let a sista know!!! It’s very close to “quatrefoil” prints. I also love the tufted chaise lounge,  black furniture (as all the furniture in my apt is black) chrome details and how all the book covers match the interior.. 
Continue reading for lots more pics…
I love lanterns and the patterns that cascade on the walls when candles are lit in them…
{Jeffers Design Group}
The pic above and the ones that follow are from the same company. This large indian sari covered ottoman is beautiful. I’d love something like that in my bedroom but one with more plum, purple and maroon colors…
What I do like about this pic above is the flamed shaped bookshelves… Very Alladinesque…
This arch and the tub is absolutely gorg…
I wouldn’t typically like anything in this room standing alone but collectively it works. The arch does it for me. In my old apartment I was allowed to paint and one wall in my bedroom was a mulberry hue & I used a stencil to paint gold designs on the wall the same level that chair rail would be. So gorg. *sniff* I miss it…

These lanterns are the only thing besides the bedframe that has Morocco inspirations and the impact is so dramatic. It also goes to show you, you don’t have to have a window in order to use drapery. Hanging a rod or track behind a bed or on a very long wall will give the room all sorts of texture.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow Miya! What gorgeous inspiration images. I love all of the Moroccan designs, patterns, textures and bold colors. Thanks for sharing 🙂 L


    1. Thanks a lot…This is most def a place I want to visit in life.


  2. yvonne says:

    such bold patterns and yet each room is calm and almost soothing…great post!


  3. Milli says:

    WOW @ that bedroom. Looks like one could sleep in there for half a day.


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