Restaurant Indulgences: Park Ave NYC…

Ever see a restaurant that changes it’s interior based on the season? Well, welcome to Park Avenue NY. Captain James Cook’s travels are used as a loose design reference. They looked at the regions he had visited as a way of framing each season. For example, winter as seen above, pays homage to Cook’s adventures in the Antartic Circle. I remember as a kid I used to want to go to Antartica just to say I went. But living in Milwaukee where our winters are artic enough, I decided I’m good. LOL.

The floral blooms and grass in the plants screams SPRING which happens to be my favorite season.

Warm yellow hues brighten up the space like the sunny days of summer…

The bronze hue is picking up on the rustic woods of autumn with fallen dead leaves and bare branches…This is my favorite of the looks.


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