Holiday Aqua & Gold Decor Ideas…

This year has gone fast for me and in a couple of days we will be celebrating the end of another year and welcoming new beginnings. Why not jazz up your space to kick off the festivities. Here are some fantabulous festive ideas from Hostess Blog.

This has such a winter wonderland feel to it but the color scheme can double for any other shindig like showers or mother’s day brunch.

 Continue reading for gorgeous pics…

Gorgeous displays & I like the carnation interpretation of the Christmas tree & wreath.


Presentation is everything and this here, is everything to me. It makes me want to go in the kitchen & whip up some cold coffee drinks or hot chocolate myself.


What the faux snow, piles of ornaments & multiple pillars in a fireplace creates, is absolutely stunning to me. I must get a mantle for my next place…

Click here to see more.

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  1. Now THIS is pretty!


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