Trendy Indulgences: Lucite Furniture…

One “indulgence from afar” that I don’t currently own is lucite furniture. It has both a retro & modern feel to it. By being translucent, its ideal for decorating in smaller places like apartments where you want to keep the illusion as having as much space as possible. It gives you the same functionality as regular furniture but without feeling cluttered. In addition, acrylic furniture goes well with virtually any style.
La Dolce Vita
Huge fan of placing object on trays. It just makes everything look that much more stylish. Of course, my favorite pattern (zebra) is another reason why I like the above pic. One thing you notice about the “table” is that it’s cushioned allowing for additional seating when hosting shindigs. I love how versatile ottomans are for this very reason.

I’m in love. I am fond of this style desk as I’ve mentioned HERE and to find out it’s also made in an acrylic form just gave me all sorts of happiness. Hey Santa, you forgot a gift!

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The design of this room is gorgeous from the plushness of the couch to the lucite tables & what appears to be lucite trays on the ottoman. The wood floors, shuttered windows & chandelier are also nice features.
Everything in this kitchen is strategically placed and I love it & the added pops of color.
So feminine and glam from the tufted skirted sofa & airy drapery. The table really works for this space because it doesn’t block the beauty of the furniture.
An LED Chandelier using lucite panels at the Robert Restaurant in NY.
The interior is very fun.
Flickr user Beasley & Henley...
A nice touch to a vibrant kitchen nook. This bench seating is a place I would curl up to read a book or magazines while eating breakfast on Saturday mornings.
A beautiful tablescape with lucite seating…
Tobi Fairley
Gorgeous tufted lucite armrest chairs & dining table. Check out that lighting pendent.
So ultra modern. A perfect idea for wall niches.
A lucite trunk, neat…
Acrylic headboard/frame…it’s like a floating bed. Very modern.
 I already liked waterfall faucets but a lucite one? Double fabulous. I definitely need to get some lucite furniture for my apartment quick, asap, in a hurry.

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  1. Ashley Lamb says:

    You’re blog is so cute! I’m totally following!


    1. Thank you so much! Continue to comment & give feedback.


  2. OMG… that desk is to die for! My husband would shoot me if I got something like that though because he is the cleaner in the house. LOL


    1. let me find a man who cleans. I will cook daily with no problems. LOL but I am on a hunt for this desk. I love it.


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