The lobby interior of my hair salon…

Milwaukee (technically Whitefish Bay) salon

I go to this location to get my hair done. It’s a nice building that houses quite a few rooms. Each stylist has their own sink & 2 dryers. In the building they have a barber, a few nail techs & even a masseuse. I’ve been going here for years and forgot how it looked before the owner remodeled but this is what she done and I love the warm feel I get when arriving. I think she done a great job. The hardwood floors and the warm taupe walls with white crown moldings, base boards, track lighting…

I am a huge fan of brick walls, painted or natural and the owner jazz theirs up with framing fabric. I talked about this before in the Wall Art Do’s & Dont’s Post. It’s a neat and inexpensive way to have wall art and take up a substantial space. It can also be done behind a bed frame in leu of a headboard.

Lastly, here’s a picture of the chandelier. Sorry it’s a bit blurry but the little details makes the whole space come together. Each stylist designs their room in different ways as well. It’s so nice to walk pass the rooms and see the different design expressions.

Sidenote: Do yall see that green facial image in the last pic? I swear it’s a ghost, lol. I am short and had to extend my arm up to snap the photo with my phone. There’s nothing that would reflect anything like that. Do I need to call ghost hunters?

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  1. Milli says:

    Looks like a comfortable place to get sone up but it wont be for long after this pic!!!!!!!!!



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