My Random Indulgences pt 1…

Outside the interior design world, this is what I currently indulge in. Feel free to let me know some of yours {In No Particular Order}

I indulge in Ben & Jerrys Strawberry Cheesecake Ice cream. This is by far the best ice cream of all time *kanye west voice*. I usually keep it on deck in my freezer at all times. The graham crackers in mixture is the most brilliant of all ice cream add ons, period.

I indulge in smell goods from candles to fragrances to body washes.


I indulge in fashion jewerly. I’m a fashion jewelry junkie. I love cocktail rings, big ridiculously large ones like the butterfly ring I have on above. I’m into layered necklaces, dangly earrings & bangles. I feel naked if I’m not wearing some fabulous jewels.

I indulge in fruity or sweet cocktails. Who doesn’t like having one or two after a long week of working? Give me Vodka & grapefruit juice & I’m good.

I indulge in travels & nice hotels. I’ve been to many places & states but haven’t yet ventured out the country. I like road trips when it’s not too long of a drive but love to fly though. One place I want to see is Dubai.

I live for thunderstorms in the summer. I will turn off all the lights, open up the patio doors, cut off the tv & listen. It’s so relaxing to me.

I indulge in music. I listen to r&b & rap for the most part. Chrisette Michele’s new cd stays on repeat. I can’t get enough of her music. She’s a true talent. Other cd’s heavily in my car’s deck is Fantasia’s latest & Plies’ new mixtape No Chaser.

DVR has got to be the best invention. I don’t know how I ever put a tape in a vcr back in the day & recorded hours worth of a channel just so I wouldn’t miss a show. My dvr stays on 90+ % at most times. Right now it’s down to 67%.

Wendy & Chelsea Lately are two shows I don’t miss. They both crack me up & HGTV (majority of the shows) are heavily recorded.

 Ask my coworkers, they know how much I love mayo (ever try it with sloppy joes? Don’t judge me). Not just mayo but any condiment. I have to have them. God forbid I forget to ask for honey mustard for my Mcdonald’s fries…

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