Honeycomb Inspirations…


I was asked via twitter to come up with a post with honeycomb or hexagon prints. From architecture to functional decor to print, honeycombs can be found throughout interior design. Read on for proof.

thelennoxx.comLove the wallpaper…thelennoxx.com
Honeycomb floor tile…
Honeycomb carpeting. Check out that wall art. The 3D effect gives the room texture.


 Creative way to display the alcoholic beverages.

A clothing boutique whose walls took a literal approach to living like bees.
desire to inspire
 the artwork…
Futuristic room…
A cool creative bookshelf…
pitut.comA honeycome magazine rack...thisisnext.com
Great for eating in bed…

This gorgeous Moroccan candy buffet with all these rich jeweled tone colors. I know you’re wondering where is anything honeycomb inspired. Well, the lanterns have 6 sides.

Tickled Pink
I love lanterns and I have a few in my Moroccan inspired bedroom. When candles are lit in the inside the designs displayed on the walls makes for a magical setting. They’re cool to line outdoor tables & pool areas as well.
Another Moroccan inspired (hexagon shaped) decor piece are these tables. I mentioned how the one in mine looks in This Post. If the above is too detailed for you, how about this one?

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  1. Brie ih8tweetn says:

    Oooohhhhhhhhh I love that red living room. That destroyed art on the wall. T.he lamp hanging from a string. Bomb!!!!!


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