Icy Blue Wintery Hues…

designed by Ron Nowfel
It all started with…the forecast calling for snow & freezing rain for tomorrow’s rush hour commute. Oh joy. Again, I thank my ancestors ever so kindly for moving waaaaay up north to Milwaukee. >:-/ Anyhoo, because of that, I’ve compiled some beautifully designed interiors that have icy blue hues. It makes me think of a winter wonderland. This pic above is gorgeous. First, the lines of the chaise lounge is something I’ve never seen before & the vases combined with the crystal chandelier & mirrored pieces reminds me of icicles.
HGTV’s Rate My Space user centsationalgirl

I am really feeling grays now especially walls accented with white crown molding. The combination of light blues & grays has a calming effect.

Can someone please tell me the name of this bedding pattern? I see it often in rugs & I love it. This nightstand is so romantic but inexpensive (depending on the fabric used). Simply take a cheap circular basic table, get glass cut to size or find a place that has premade glass & pick out the fabric you want from a store. Have the fabric puddle to the ground and there you have it…a beautiful nightstand. I especially like when they use mirrors instead of glass as well. I like this room scheme because it has various colors but they all blend so well that it’s a subtle difference.

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