Color Connection: Mulberry Hues…

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My last apartment allowed me to paint & one of my bedrooms walls was mulberry. I miss it dearly. So this post is dedicated to the color whether it was designed in accents or as major components of the room. Indulge…

Adore Home Mag
I love the white & mulberry color schemes with the above two pictures. White is such a pure color but definitely not one to use when you have children. Regardless of kids or not, unless you take your shoes at the door, one can’t avoid the inevitable carpet stains so a good way to hide that is a darker toned carpeting. It really makes the furniture & bedding pop out.
I love toss pillows. It’s so economically friendly when it comes to adding pops of color to a space. Here, they played around with different styles, patterns and colors & it all works well. The zebra pillows are echoed in the ottoman and I adore all things damask print.
I’m going to tell you what I DO like about this picture…the headboard alternative. Nowadays there are many options besides a furniture based headboard and this proves one way. Hanging a rug or fabric can create the same illusion.
These chairs were given a modern look by being accented with trendy decor from the glass candle holders to the zebra pillows (yes, my fav print ZEBRA!!!).
Mi Vita Bonita

Chairs, pillows, flowers & art carrying the mulberry splashes of color.

Mi Vita Bonita

Inspiration can come from anything & it’s clear that the art is where the designer pulled the colors from.
Ok, first I love the way the glass mosaic tile was done on the walls. Incredibly gorgeous. The chair is pretty cool too, though I’m unsure why it would be in the bathroom. LOL

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  1. Milli says:

    I like that 1st picture.

    No making love on that couch!!!! LOL

    “No one goes in there” room


    1. LMAO you silly. Yes some rooms are so nice that you dont want anyone sitting in them. I prefer to have a space that ppl can LIVE in but I DO love the room.


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