What a Good Coat of Paint Will Do…


I’ve never really been a person that wanted to revive life into something old, tired and dated. However the more I see the transformations made simply with paint (& some added hardware) I realize that I’ve probably passed up on some diamonds in the rough. Currently I’m remodeling the kitchen of my parents home. I’ve already primed the walls (terrible wallpaper underneath) & cabinets), selected the glass backsplash & ceramic floor & picked out the granite countertop which will be installed within the week. I already see how it would look going from a light maple colored wood to white. Now I just have to paint the cabinets & add the hardware & make them look spanking brand new again (pix soon). SOooo here are a few before & after pics from around the web of things that were given life after a coat of paint. Inspired?…

From one of my fav blogs to visit thedecorista.com

Here’s a table she found (along with her cute doggie) & after paint, wallpaper & glass, this is what she transformed it into.

How cool is this?


Look how…….dreadful this is……


Now look at it!!!!! It looks great. I love how she did the “piping” on the dresser to really make it stand out.

Click for more pics…


A nice foyer table to greet you.


Now this one is funny because I stumbled on this blog literally the day after I took home the exact same table. No lie. My parents have had one like this in their kitchen for a decade & all this time I never  gave it any thought. Then one day as I stared in the kitchen’s entry it dawned on me…..’Miya…(my name)…DUHHHHH!!!!!!! this matches my BEDROOM DECOR’. Literally that’s what I thought. I have a Moroccan theme in my bedroom and this styled table is very prevalent in their culture. So I proceed to steal it…well…I asked my parents if I could have it. They obliged & my dad was even nice enough to paint it from white to black. So when saw this on her site & it was a recent post, I laughed at the co-ink-key-dink-ness of it all.


I think she did a wonderful job & I especially like the way she accessorize.

Now I’m not sure what the black thing is in the middle but how vibrant is this now? Wallpaper backing for the shelves & a bright hue. Who would have thunk it. I even appreciate how the counter & the legs are black but the shelves and the drawers are this pink color.

How dated….


How fabulous? I’ve said time & time again my fav color is black. I love black furniture. Combined with contemporary hardware & this looks like a completely different dresser.

the DIY show off

Dusty looking stairs….

the DIY show off

Now the stairs look clean & updated. Simply staining the wood a darker color & painting the risers does wonders. It really compliments the molding well. So before tossing something away or passing up something at a rummage (garage) sale, try thinking how it would look if a little extra attention was paid to it. You may very well have your own gem.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Great post….you may have just inspired me to give new life to some older furniture I have stored away!


    1. hey Kelly…Nice of you to stop by. Let me see anything you revive!


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