Morning Inspiration…

Today’s quote is really a statement we all can take heed to. Many of us have such full schedules btwn work, sometimes multiple jobs, blogs, clients, school, spouses, kids, family, friends & pets. Sometimes…actually most times there isn’t enough time in the day to get it all done. Even worse, not enough time for ourselves.  There’s always something to scratch off your TO DO list. Sundays should be a day to chill, unwind and recharge. For me, I have to because we’re scheduled to have a snow storm and I surely don’t plan on going out in it. Ahhhh the joys of midwest living. I blame my ancestors. LOL (I actually love snow just have to get snow tires). Anyhoo, take this day, or at the very least this moment to just…….be…….be still.


{pic from inspiresomebodyLLC of ETSY}

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