Color Connection: Tropical Ocean Water Hues…

My first design----college apartment bedroom contemporary bedroom
Aqua/Turquoise has been one of my favorite colors for summer ever since I 19. It was never my favorite color but it came at a close 3rd behind black & purple. I found the above pic over on from user SugarDesign. This was her first project and I think she did a fabulous job. One way to add color to apartment walls when you’re not allowed to paint is hanging window treatments from a rod, even when there isn’t a window. Here, she did just that & went a step further by hanging mirrors over it. Toss pillows are a cheap and effective way to add spark to a space & the fabric choices and embellishments really add glam. The color combo of aqua w/chocolate is all the rage right now so it shouldn’t be difficult to accessorize a space like this.
Ice Mocha Living Room modern living room
I love love love sticks in vases. You hear me? LOVE. So dramatic & simple and anyone can do it. Also if you’ve been following me since the start of this blog you will see another trend that I adore. ZEBRA!!!!!!! *swoon* I swear to you I really don’t try to find zebra, I just stumble across it. I’m sure the other zebra patterned lovers don’t mind 😉 & I’ll continue to hold you all down, lol. Looking at that pic makes me miss the chocolate wall I had in my previous apartment.
Whittier Drive modern bedroom
I need this rug in my life. It’s just calling me to throw some pillows down with a bunch of fashion magazines & indulge. I especially love what they did with the ceiling and wall treatment. It’s like a continuous headboard as seen before in this post. While I’m needing things….let me put dibs on this Ăźber fabulous tufted chaise lounge.
*fist pump* First black is my favorite color & this here, is giving me everything. How unique is this honeycomb floor pattern? If that isn’t bold enough, check out the black ceilings!! Too fabulous. You ever go in shopping stores in the mall or even some restaurants where the ceiling and all its beams, pipes and ugliness is exposed? Well when it’s painted black it goes unnoticed.
designed by David Bromstad
Are any of you HGTV’s Color Splash fans? I love the work of David. I rooted for him on the series and was ecstatic when he won. Color Splash Miami is exactly where his show needs to be. Weekly we’re indulged in such fun vibrant combos and somehow he makes them work. I especially love how he paints art for each of his clients. I’m a drawer myself (notice I skipped on calling myself an artist as I cannot paint). I’ve been drawing since I was a toddler and actually majored in art education when I first went to college (I wanted to be a high school art teacher). SOOOoo I love coming across people in the interior design world who have that skill level as well.
designed by David Bromstad
It’s funny because in college I actually used this chandelier as part of a bathroom suite design. I don’t quite remember this episode but I’m almost positive that dresser in the back wasn’t bought that way. Goes to show you, painting does wonders for old furniture & side-of-the-road finds.
designed by David Bromstad
I remember this episode & the picture does it no justice. On tv it looked absolutely amazing.

I love the under the sea wall colors & how they match perfectly with the pillows.
The stylized table is gorgeous. I’ll soon be doing a post on stylized furniture because I’ve been noticing a trend in my collection of photos. stylized Furniture is basically a style remixed, taking a style & conforming it in a modern way.
This is so fabulous to me. Yes, I know…zebra again. 😀 But the blue glass makes this stand out. feminine office setting is very symmetrical. The slant in the ceiling, the two chairs & ottomans & table lamps. Even the way the photography is done is for the most part, symmetrical. Now THIS is the way you do a wall collage. Notice every photo is in black & white with black frames & white mats. The whole look is cohesive. This is exactly what I talked about HERE.Adore Home Mag
Adore Home is an online magazine that has some awesome interiors and tips. Here’s one with a white & aqua theme throughout majority of the space.
Adore Home Mag
How slick is that two-way fireplace (it can be seen from two rooms)? Leafy plants. I love them.
Adore Home Mag
A relatively white out kitchen  with aqua  backsplash.
designed by Candice Olson
Another HGTV creation by my idol Candice Olson. I wanna be like her when I grow up & yep, I’m 28. Full Grown. She always utilizes every floor & wall space given to her. If stark white is too much for you, use beige tones.  I remember this episode & the family had small children so this is why Candice opted for carpet tiles. Carpet tiles come in square foot inches & they’re easily replaceable in the event of a spill or stain. You can also create the pattern you want. Not only that, they’re eco-friendly & affordable. I’m unsure of the major home improvement stores but I know HOBOs carries some.
Miami Home & Decor
How slick is this bar? I’d have a toast to that!! I hope you were as inspired or the very least, indulged as I was.

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  1. Brie says:

    I loved every single different section. We have exactly the same taste!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg! I live for zebras and peacocks. And fairies and brown and blues and greens and nature and stones and water scapes and colors. And modern themes and Chinese cultural rooms. Like I love this stuff!!!!!!! Lllllllllooooooovvvvbvvveeeeeeeeeee


    1. AHHHHHHHHH!!! *jumps up and down* yessssss I was all smiles when I typed this post. And the killing part about it, I have more aqua colored pics saved but I’m saving those for a post I will do on Coral & Shell decor. So stay tuned & thanks for posting!


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